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Wow! I am impressed, moved and grateful for the invaluable inspiring, and accurate Akashic Records reading I just received from Mary Langford. I feel even more supported and encouraged to fearlessly step into the future because of the guidance and understanding I received. Thank you, Mary!


Michele Shay
Actress, Director, Educator, Transpersonal Energy Healer

Getting an Akashic Records reading from Mary Langford is like taking a drink from a fire hydrant! Once she opens and attunes, the information just flows and flows. Mary’s readings are very affirming, and most of her insights are spot-on. She told me things about myself she could not possibly have known. I’m very happy to recommend her services.


John Freedom, Executive Director of FREA

Finding Recovery and Empowerment from Abuse

Santa Rosa, California

Mary has been gifted with an extraordinary ability to channel the spirit realms. The information I received during my reading was phenomenal, so many prayers and questions answered. Mary channeled guidance on the entire concept for a children’s book series I’m to write and illustrate, a specific collection of paintings I need to paint, and a self-help spiritual book I will work on later in life – all of which I was unaware of but really resonate. Thank you, Mary, for a truly unique spiritual experience! Life Changing!

Rasa Costaras
Founder of Sacred Voyage Tours
Airlie Beach, QLD, Australia

I loved the reading I got from Mary! It helped me understand the bigger picture of what’s going on with a family member who has been struggling for years with addiction and multiple brain injuries. I learned how to communicate with him in a new way that he might actually be able to hear! If you want a fresh perspective and genuine guidance for your life, I highly recommend Mary!

Robin Trainor
Trauma Recovery Coach National and International

Tucson, AZ 

My Akashic Records reading with Mary was validating, confirming and quite insightful. Two people I love deeply are struggling and I received great direction for ways to help them without being intrusive. Very encouraging words came through Mary about two projects I had never discussed with a soul. A session with Mary is a great gift to give ourselves – and others.

Dea Shandera-Hunter
Los Angeles, CA

What a healing experience to have Mary open the wisdom of my Akashic records and through her main spirit guide Lucy, connect with my spiritual team. Mary joyously navigated through great amounts of information offered by my Akash to unblock my intuition and help me love myself deeply. I am most grateful.

Kristin Miller, Ph.D.
Lic. Psychologist and Energy Practitioner

Mary is extremely gifted at reading the Akashic Records. Every word she spoke resonated deeply in every cell of my body. I got clear messages about my gifts and how much they impact those around me. I highly recommend Mary to anyone seeking deep spiritual guidance or just looking for answers to important life questions.


Irene Schulz, MS, CCC/SLP
Holistic Healer & Akashic Records Consultant

Wow! Mary’s insights are incredibly helpful. When she identified my deceased son as my “precious Brennan,” I knew I could trust what came through. That is exactly what I called him when he was young! Mary helps me to know he is doing well on the Other Side and that he is guiding me as I move through my own life. If you have lost a loved one, an Akashic Records reading with Mary can be deeply reassuring and healing. 

Heidi Bright, Author  

My Akashic Records reading from Mary was uplifting to my soul. She quickly tapped into my Masters, Teachers, and Loved Ones, who playfully called themselves Team Katherine. A number of concepts in her reading highlighted strategies for growing my business, like hosting BodyTalk retreats. My team said, “Lead with your heart, not with your head” and reminded me not to focus on the past as I move forward toward my future. What great messages of hope, encouragement, and direction for me. Thank you, Mary!

Katherine Ebacher

Owner of and Certified BodyTalk Practitioner

It’s rare to find an intuitive who can present so much information in a short period of time without prompting – a good sign she is genuinely plugged in. Mary is clearly a direct channel and presented my reading in a loving, compassionate, and caring way. She covered some troubling realities I had been working through and presented a plan of action I could easily follow. It’s now been three months and I’m still having “aha” moments. I highly recommend Mary’s Akashic Records readings!

Ellen Marie

Psychic Medium Healer