It’s rare to find an intuitive who can present so much information in a short period of time without prompting – a good sign she is genuinely plugged in. Mary is clearly a direct channel and presented my reading in a loving, compassionate, and caring way. She covered some troubling realities I had been working through and presented a plan of action I could easily follow. It’s now been three months and I’m still having “aha” moments. I highly recommend Mary’s Akashic Records readings!

Ellen Marie

Psychic Medium Healer


My Akashic Records reading from Mary was uplifting to my soul. She quickly tapped into my Masters, Teachers, and Loved Ones, who playfully called themselves Team Katherine. A number of concepts in her reading highlighted strategies for growing my business, like hosting BodyTalk retreats. My team said, “Lead with your heart, not with your head” and reminded me not to focus on the past as I move forward toward my future. What great messages of hope, encouragement, and direction for me. Thank you, Mary!

Katherine Ebacher

Owner of and Certified BodyTalk Practitioner

Wow! Mary’s insights are incredibly helpful. When she identified my deceased son as my “precious Brennan,” I knew I could trust what came through. That is exactly what I called him when he was young! Mary helps me to know he is doing well on the Other Side and that he is guiding me as I move through my own life. If you have lost a loved one, an Akashic Records reading with Mary can be deeply reassuring and healing.

Heidi Bright, Author